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Hyalogy Sparkling gel pack (5 masks)

The Hyalogy Sparkling Gel mask is specifically designed for individuals on the go in urban areas, for that quick glow fix.The effects after applying are instant: glowing, soothed, and fresh.

The complex combination of Royal Jelly and Soybean Glycine is fermented with Bacillus Subtilis Enzymes for the immediate bio-stimulatory effect,  which enhances cell metabolism, activates microcirculation, improves tissue respiration, and promotes detoxification at a cellular level.  The mask turns into foam on your face so it's also fun to use!

Hyalogy Sparkling gel pack (5 masks)

VAT Included
  • Bacillus/royal jelly/soybean ferment filtrate extract

    Hydrolysed eggshell membrane

    Hydrolysed prunes

    Apha arbutin

    Ionized minerals

    Amino acids complex


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