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Hyalogy Lift mask  (5 face and neck masks)

The innovative Hyalogy Lift mask is designed to provide immediate visible improvement of skin quality, skin suppleness and stimulation of fibroblasts activity. The ingredients include several biomimetic peptides which act as signal molecules to activate the positive and suppress the negative biochemical processes to improve skin firmness and elasticity. 

Hyalogy Lift mask (5 face and neck masks)

VAT Included
  • Biomimetic peptides:

    Acetyl decapeptide - 3

    Caproyl tetrapeptide - 3

    Oligopeptide - 20

    Hyaluronic acid of different molecular sizes

    Ceramides - 3

    Saccharomyces lysate extract

    Sweet almons seed extract

    Japanese plum 

    Licorice root extract

    Oat kernel extract

    Ionized minerals


    Hydrolyzed Pearl protein

  • Apply the mask on clean face and neck, follow the anatomical cut of the mask, press tightly from the centre to the sides. Leave the mask on for 20-25 minutes, rinse off if needed ( the remaining serum mix can be left overnight, without the mask). 

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