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Hyalogy P-effect essence 30ml

Forlle'd signature multi-functional serum with pronounced moisturizing and bio-stimulating effects. The serum penetrates into dermis to generate moisture reserves and stimulate the natural collagen and elastin production by fibroblasts. P-effect complex reduces skin redness and sensitivity.


Hyalogy essence noticeably improves the skin quality, increases its firmness and elasticity, which results in a significant reduction in the depth of wrinkles.  Skin looks instantly revitalized.


P-effect essence is indispensable for before/after plastic surgery, laser, dermal fillers, microneedling and other invasive treatments where skin quality is crucial for the results. It can be combined with at home skincare devices.

Hyalogy P-effect essence 30ml

VAT Included
  • Hyalogy

    Sodium Hyauronate

    Hydrolyzed egg shell membrane

    Hydrolyzed pearl protein

    Ionized minerals (Ca, Zn, Mg)

    Amino acids

  • Dehydrated skin of any type.

    Normal skin.

    Dry skin.

    Sensitive skin.

    Skin prone to redness.

    Age group: 25+ 30+ 40+ 50+ 60+ 70+

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