Cleansing foam for sensitive skin, skin prone to redness, irritation, dry skin.

Hyalogy Creamy wash gently cleanses the skin, repairing its protective barrier, strengthening fragile blood vessels, provididng anti-inflammatory effect and nourishing the skin with Ceramides-3. Forlle'd patented HA, pearl protein and eggshell membrane protein complex improve skin immunity and repair membrane lipid structures at cellular level.

Hyalogy Creamy Wash 150ml

  • Hyaluronic acid


    Vit K

    Ceramides - 3

    Pearl protein

    Wild Yam root extract

    Soya seed ectract

    Persea Gratissima oil

    Prunus Armeniaca oil

    Rosa Canina oil

    Zea Mays oli

    Ionized minerals

  • Normal skin.

    Dry skin.

    Very dry skin.

    Sensitive skin.

    Skin prone to redness. 

    Age groups: 25+ 30+ 40+ 50+ 60+ 70+

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