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Hyalogy Platinum lotion

FIX UP LOOK SHARP "Forlle'd are a high-tech Japanese cosmeceuticals company.Their Hyalogy Platinum lotion was created to reduce the appearance of premature ageing that can be caused by pollution and stress. The formula features ionized spirals of nano liquid platinum, kudzu root and chlorella. This lotion can help to leave the skin feeling fresh and healthy in appearance."

Hyalogy Lift cream 50g

BLOOMING BEAUTY: "Hyalogy Lift cream with biomimetic peptides and tourmaline powder."

Hyalogy Beta

GLOW FOR IT ''Containing a powerful complex of peptides, this serum can help to reduce the feeling of tension in the mimic muscles and improve the appearance of the skin. This serum is especially recommended for around the eyes area."

Hyalogy P-effect essence

VOGUE'S RADIANCE RESOLUTIONS "Forlle'd use unique patented ingredients.. Hyalogy serum leaves skin regenerated, supple and radiant."

Hyalogy P-effect Reliance gel

FRESH FACED "Forlle'd is a Japanese high-tech cosmeceauticals brand. Hyalogy p-effect Reliance gel - an oil'fee moisturizer that gets quickly absorbed leaving skin appearing supple and fresh. Featuring patented nanotechnologies."

Hyalogy Lift cream

THE VANITY BOX "Forlle'd is a professional Japaneseskincare brand based on nanotechnology, ionization and biofermentation. Seen here is Hyalogy Lift cream with biomimetic peptides and tourmaline powder."

Hyalogy P-effect Refining lotion

OUT OF OFFICE "..Hyalogy P-effect Refining lotion is based on Nobel prize winning finding.This lotion deeply nourishes the skin with moisture, leaving it feeling fresh,rested and glowing."

Hyalogy Platinum lotion

LET IT GLOW "An innovative and sophisticated Christmas present for men and women, Forlle'd Hyalogy Platinum lotion delivers fresh, glowing and supple skin."


GLOW QUEEN "Forlle'd is a professional Japanese skincare brand with high-tech patented ingredients."

Hyalogy Platinum lotion

THE VANITY BOX "Hyalogy Platinum lotion, basedon nanotechnologies,ionization and biofermentation. A Christmas present for ladies or gentlemen for radiant and supple skin"

Hyalogy Alpha serum

PRE-PARTY PAMPER "Hyalogy Alpha serum based on nanotechnologies leaves skin feeling revived, firm and youthful. Particularly recommended for poorly toned, thin and dry skin."


LET IT GLOW "Forlle'd is a high-tech, professional cosmeceuticals brand from Japan.. based on nanotechnologies, ionization and biofermentation."

Hyalogy Platinum face cream

GLOW QUEEN "Hyalogy Platinum face cream with biomimetic peptides,nano Hyaluronicacid and platinum.The face cream increases the appearance of firm and radiant skin."

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