•    High standard Japanese production.  Japan is the country of high standards when it comes to production. The Japanese beauty philosophy is very close to healthcare philosophy. Japanese  brands are often the first to have formula breakthroughs and science-driven products. We use high standard raw materials in combination with the latest technology in our own pharma-grade factories to reach high level purified products.  Japanese beauty is about innovation with a long-term reliability. 

  • Our story started  with the turning point of implementation of the Nobel Prize winning finding by Koichi Tanaka in 2002. On the basis of these scientific achievements, Forlle’d laboratory has successfully created patented components that are able to penetrate into the deeper layers of skin which had only been possible by using injections.

  • Forlle'd uses the most advanced to the date level of technology development. Special methods of fermentation and ionization, patented by Forlle’d laboratory, provide safe and fast delivery of the ingredients to deep layers of skin, namely dermal layer, without disturbing the skin integrity.

  • All of our scientific claims have been proven by clinical studies and efficiency tests in independent reputable  institutions. These studies have been published in key medical journals and presented in front of KOL doctors at IMCAS, AAMC, World Dermatology Congress and many other prestigious congresses.

Why Forlle'd

  • Forlle’d products are safe and perfectly compatible even with very sensitive skin types.

  • Forlle’d products can be used in combination with medical devices (hydrafacial, laser, LPG etc.), injectables (botox, fillers) chemical peels, pre and post-surgery treatments etc.

  • We do not test on animals. All our packaging is recyclable.

  • Featured in British VOGUE,TATLER,GQ and Vanity Fair

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