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Hyalogy is an HA molecule with a unique size of 5 nanometers, enabling it to cross the skin barrier and reach the dermal layer of the skin. It activates the fibroblasts to produce more collagen and elastin, restoring the dermal matrix . Such deep noninvasive penetration of Hyaluronic acid into the skin rehydrates and stimulates it from within, providing fast regeneration and improved quality of the skin as a result. 

The manufacturing process for Forlle’d begins with fermentation of the hyaluronic acid (of non-animal origin), followed by the ionisation of the additional plant and mineral-based ingredients. The formulation is then examined with a Nobel prize-winning mass spectrometer technology to ensure the correct molecular size for optimal penetration into all layers of the skin


Unique complex of ionized minerals (Ca, Zn, Mg, Fe, Cu) restores the mineral balance of skin, which is necessary for proper physiological activity of skin cells. Minerals are essential part of collagen synthesis and wound healing, skin regeneration processes. 


Low molecular platinum from Forlle’d protects from  all forms of free radicals  ("perfect antioxidant') and controls photo-ageing process. Platinum based formulations have pronounced antioxidant properties and powerful detoxifying effect.


Low molecular ceramides restore the cell membranes and  rebuild the natural skin lipid barrier. Forlle'd patented technology of ceramides -3  production ensures their maximum authenticity with human ceramides. Due to these properties, Forlle’d products are effective even in very sensitive skin types.


One of the most innovative ingredients of our time, Biomimetic peptides act as signal molecules to active or suppress certain biochemical processes. They affect activities both outside and inside the cell, greatly improving effective cell interactions. There’s no stronger force to improve skin firmness and elasticity.


Chlorella is a single-celled green algae, rich in chlorophyll. It is the only intelligent chelator that effectively removes toxins and heavy metals. Chlorella is also a powerful antioxidant and a rich source of amino acids, essential fatty acids, B12 and other vitamins.

UBIQUINONE (Coenzyme Q10)

Ubiquinone (Coenzyme Q10) serves as an energy generator for cells, it is essential for the production of the ATP in mitochondrial membranes. Apart from generating energy for the cells, Ubiquinone provides antioxidant protection, reduces inflammation and slows down collagen degradation.


Reishi Mushrooms are adaptogenes, fighting stress and helping the skin adapt to changing environment. Rich in anti inflammatory and antioxidant molecules, Reishi also deeply hydrate and detoxify the skin, working against premature ageing, redness and fine lines. Reishi translates as "spiritual potency" and is known as "plant of immortality".


Sqalane oil molecular structure is identical to skin's own. It balances skin oil production, has powerful nourishing properties, promotes better blood circulation and increases collagen production.

For more information on technology and ingredients kindly check the international website of Forlle’d Academy

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