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Hyalogy Platinum lotion 120ml

Daily moisturizing, antiinflammatory and anti-oxidant lotion (ionized serum dissolved in "live" water). Its unique complex of low molecular ingredients provides long-lasting hydration of deep skin layers, enhances skin immunity and boosts cell regeneration. The lotion provides daily protection from photoageing (together with SPF), antioxidant protection, prevention of pigmentation. Perfect for skin affected by sun exposure, stress, polluted environment of big cities. Platinum lotion greatly impoves skin quality and appearance, enhances the permeability of skin for further applied products.

  • Main ingredients

    Platinum powder

    Hydrolyzed plum extract

    Ceramide - 3

    Aloe barbadensis 



    Nano and low-molecular Hyaluronic acid

    Eggshell membrane protein

    Pearl protein

    Amino Acids

    Ionized minerals (Ca, Zn, Mg)

    Vitamin E

  • Best for

    All skin types except very dry skin. Any age. 

    Especially recommended for combination skin, skin with pigmentation and/or blemishes, dull uneven complexion, skin with lack of firmness and elasticiy. Big city dwellers skin. Smokers. Frequent travellers.